Top five easy quick things to do when bored

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Every other human being strives to be happy, comfortable and lively – that is logical, natural and very okay. While we are entitled to find what we want when we want it, boredom nevertheless finds a way to creep in. There comes that time when nothing feels to be going the right way – you have missed your goals and objectives by a large margin and you don’t feel the vibe in the environment any more. The best things to do at such times are always random in nature and they cannot be neatly pinned down on a sheet of paper – but we can have a few quick ones available before you find those that best liven up your moods. Here are top five things to do when you are bored.

  • Songs – they have been sung from time immemorial yet they have not shown any sign of losing value. There are songs for every situation and context – from those sang in burials to weddings and political rallies. Wherever you come from and whatever thing that has taken you down and tried to screw your life – you can always find consolation. You can sing your favorite song, but you can also choose to compose a new one – provided it fulfills the purpose.
  • Some silly questions will do – ever walked to someone and posed a question that is silly, empty and stupefying? Yes, there are those questions that you may not have just chosen to ask if you were sober and in good mental condition – but asking them when things seem to be going astray can be the game changer. Well, I don’t know who you want to ask your question, but once you have a target in sight just walk over and pose your question. Whether they answer your questions or not you will have taken off the mental pressure.
  • Some weird sayings are a great sauce – ever felt like you come up with the most stupefying saying around the globe? This is the time you look at the world and the things around you and feel like turning conventional wisdom on its head. Well, whatever thing is running your mind over – connect a few things and become some respected philosopher in your own field. See how far you can get and think – connect the dots and have your silly sayings on some piece of paper. You can use them later to gauge your level of madness anyway!
  • Some rigorous arithmetic is not bad – remember those arithmetic jigs that played mind games on you? You may never solve them, but some you can solve them when you are half mad – so why not get a few and try to crack the nut? You could discover some hidden talent, or perhaps run over something completely new – just because you are ready and willing to go the end of the road in attempting them. They may look funny, composed by people who have no good intentions on your arithmetic skills, but come down and steal the show!

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