Productive Things To Do On The Internet

Things To Do On The Internet
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Food for thought

The Internet is a great virtual place to be and depending on what your real intentions are it can also be a worth-while tool to deploy.

You have your reasons for surfing the Web usually bordering on business or pleasure, maybe both.

How you use the Internet to achieve your personal objectives is absolutely up to you.

It is your time and your money being spent, so use them wisely.

STOP Using the Internet:

I am sure you don’t need lecturing on how to use the Internet.

After all even toddlers can browse these days. However, it is important to STOP for a moment and reflect on what you are doing in this virtual community.

Just as you would reflect on your day after a hard day at work, you should always reconsider how exactly you use the Internet and how much time and effort you put into it.

So just STOP using the Internet and ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you are doing with it and what you are getting from it.

Have a moment of clarity to reflect on the websites you visit, the social networks you are frequent in and contribute to.

Can you see clearly now?

At this point you may have gotten the – ‘I can see clearly now!’ vibe.

Wait one second!

Get a pen and paper and scribble down your “personal Internet use objectives”.

If you are more business inclined and you are unemployed or maybe you are out of work and you are looking for an online business that you can earn a living from.

You will have to be honest and ask yourself – “what am I good at?” this question is important because if you truly intend seeking for productive things to do on the internet then you have to know what you are good at.

Productive things to do on the internet if your are business inclined:

So you have thought of what you are good at or at least average in.

If that’s the case, then congratulations to you, you have just taken the first step in using the Internet in a more productive way, saving you time and money.

So just what can I do?

Search for freelance work site

Start be browsing for sites where you can earn a decent living working as a freelancer.

If you have a gift for writing, then you may want to try out, there you can get article writing jobs for example. You should browse the internet specific to your job preference to get websites that would suite your need.

There are several sites offering data entry jobs and other similar type jobs.

Using a search engine effectively would help you get that website that could improve your life greatly.


If you are knowledgeable and skilled at something and I mean it could be anything as mundane as filing nails.

You could consider having a blog to promote your ideas by posting articles and earn some money from advert placements on your blog, but you should know that you will need to generate sufficient traffic to your blog for you to realise a reasonable earning. So just go ahead and setup a blog it’s easy to it and there are blogging sites that offer the platform for you, such as

Network marketing

You spend considerable amount of time in one social media platform or the other, you have hundreds of friends and contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter.

You read posts and make comments. Why not use that time to earn a living network marketing?

Look for reliable network marketing sites and check out their offers and carefully read through and understand their terms and conditions.

But – why so serious?!

Posting Videos Online

Well if you are more inclined towards entertainment and maybe you have shot some homemade videos that could be of interest to the general public; for example: cooking videos, DIY niche videos and so on.

You can actually earn a living and spend more productive time on the internet from posting these videos online, check out YouTube for more information.

Knowledge Is Power

Get more information about stuff, the data is out there just surf, gather and read, it’s that simple really.

Being informed is a great way to get you more in tune with the demands of your target market and also you could get a ‘heads up’ and be ahead of your competitors, just by being better informed.

Use trading sites

If you have got some product to sell, then exploring the endless possibilities of online trading sites like Amazon (for books), Alibaba and eBay could be very useful.

You will be able to expose your product to tens of thousands of daily online visitors to the respective site, giving you a lot of publicity and of course sale.

Improve Your Health

Learn from reliable websites on health related topics.

There are so many out there, you should spend more time reading about DIY homemade recipes for so many ailments. The information is out there, for lack of nothing to do – this is actually a productive thing to do on the internet.

Shop Smart

With many online stores available, it has become really easy to sit at home and buy whatever you need and have that item delivered to your door step. It’s that easy these days, you can save lots of man hours driving to a supermarket without being informed about the price of the items you intend purchasing.

With a click of the button you can find out the price of an item and it’s availability in the supermarket rather than being disappointed by the store owner telling you that “they have run out!” after a long drive to the store.

Some online stores include and You should check for that store that can deliver at your location.

Online Payments

Nowadays it’s so much convenient if you make your payments online. Buyers and sellers don’t have to meet in person for deals to be struck and for payments to be made.

Save yourself the stress of cashing money at your local bank and depositing the cash to a seller or creditor.

It’s a waste of your time.

There are online payment sites that can secure your money and ensure that your payments and receipts get to the beneficiary as at when due.

It’s also a safe way of transacting business as you don’t run the risk of being attacked by robbers, however you should keep your transaction codes and details safe and secure to avoid online theft.

You can try PayPal and Payoneer for your online payment services.

Improve Your Skill And Network

Join online clubs and register with websites specifically engaged in your skill set. You will meet people just like you and learn from those who have been where you presently are.

You will also get the right network of people that should help get your business going and you would be encouraged by members and that would make you less likely to quit when things aren’t going your way.

By joining skill specific online clubs you will also sharpen your skills and this will make you more productive.

Stop Procrastination

Now you have to get things done and don’t put things off till later.

Being productive on the internet entails passion, commitment and the right mental attitude.

Have a specific time period you intend staying on line, also write down a daily itinerary and observe it, it will help keep you on track.

If you are writing articles, then ensure that they are written and deliver on time. Plan your time we’ll to avoid procrastination ensure you spend more time doing productive things on the internet.

Do not get carried away when on a social media platform and forget your real reason for being there.

Be more professional with your time and in your activities online.

Productivity Is In Your Hands

Whether you are just into the internet to catch some fun or your are seriously looking for financial gain, you should remember that only you can determine the productive things to do on the internet.

It’s your Internet subscription and most importantly it’s your time, so use it well and use it wisely.

It doesn’t have to be totally serious and seem like a burdensome chore, you can work and have fun as well, provided you do what you love doing.

Whether it’s writing and publishing a fictional novel online or a home recipe cook book, you can enjoy using the Internet and be productive at the same time.

You will feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction each day after you put down your hand held device or you leave your desk. You will also feel like a kid again, eager to get to work the next day because you know you are genuinely happy doing what you love.

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