Mittens And Gloves That Will Keep Your Hands Warm

XX-Creative-Mittens-And-Gloves-To-Keep-Your-Hands-Warm42__605 XX-Creative-Mittens-And-Gloves-To-Keep-Your-Hands-Warm41__880 XX-Creative-Mittens-And-Gloves-To-Keep-Your-Hands-Warm21__605 XX-Creative-Mittens-And-Gloves-To-Keep-Your-Hands-Warm18__880 XX-Creative-Mittens-And-Gloves-To-Keep-Your-Hands-Warm11__700Keeping your fingers warm during the cold winter is important – how will you text on your smartphone otherwise? If you want to keep your fingers warm and stay stylish doing it, however, then these creative gloves and mittens will be perfect!
If you think there are any brilliant designs out there that we missed, feel free to add them to this list and vote for your favorites!

Beautiful Baby Photos

Very-beautiful-baby-6__605 Very-beautiful-baby-4__605 Very-beautiful-baby-3__605 Very-beautiful-baby-1__605 336__605Beautiful Baby Photos

The Scottish Red Head

556289_10150757366651740_2107865576_n__700 554740_10150963017176740_295356683_n__700 389714_10150892732956740_982659567_n__700 292642_10150898174476740_333563434_n__700 255434_10150947872611740_163107309_n__700 62597_10151511892751740_1420835894_n__700Redheads constitute approximately 4 percent of the European population. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads; 13 per cent of the population has red hair and approximately 40 per cent carry the recessive redhead gene.

I wanted to shoot a series of images portraying the Scottish Red Head against a uniform backdrop.
This selection of portraits are of normal everyday people and their splendid red hair.
To date I have photographed over 30 Scottish Red Heads. Hopefully one day I’ll make up a book to show you all.

Highland Geysers In Iceland

Wandering somewhere in the inland of the ice island, it must be about 24 hours I was awake..
Surrounded by a thick fog, I was driving on the chaotic desert trails or Highlands reigned a captivating atmosphere and dramatic!
After 1001 turns.. A strangely resembling a mirage panel tells me that I’m far from camp or Kerlingarfjöll I planned bivouac!
Relieved at the idea of joining Morpheus .. Until this moment I see or off as an unexpected and perfectly breakthrough in the axis of a jewel of humanity that I dreamed of.. I do capture could only listen to my instincts and again drive faster than ever!
The more I went, the more I realized that my dream was to become reality..

Gifts Every Man Wants To Recieve This Christmas

AA_SHRDnosecloseup_Sean-Byrne__700 7-Gifts-Every-Man-Wants-to-Recieve-this-Christmas-5__700 7-Gifts-Every-Man-Wants-to-Recieve-this-Christmas-3__700 7-Gifts-Every-Man-Wants-to-Recieve-this-Christmas-2__700 7-Gifts-Every-Man-Wants-to-Recieve-this-Christmas-__700Forget the Lynx deodrant gift set or that new biography from some nobody, here’s what every guy secretly wants to receive this christmas.

In Love With Nature

SONY DSC SONY DSC ???????? ???????? SONY DSC In-Love-with-nature1__605These photos were taken in Montenegro, in the coastal city of Ulqin, where I come from. Here are some photos that I’ve captured so far. Valona Cakuli

Iron Of Chernobyl

железо10__880 железо4__880 железо3__880 железо2__880 железо1__880 Iron-of-Chernobyl__880Post-apocalyptical culture of Сруктщинд Exclusion Zone which is demanded so much by reckless stalker youth, can’t be imagined without the urban surroundings in the form of an abandoned mechamism and equipment, rusting at all wind.

After the Chernobyl accident several cemeteries and settlers of cars (which have taken part in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident), was created. There were some helicopters, WRI, BMP, trucks, tractors, etc, which permanently parked here. But today we will not talk about technical Cemetery (officially: Items disposal of radioactive waste, for example, “Buryakovka” and “Rassokha”), but we will take a look at all kinds of skeletons of individual equipment remaining in the vicinity of the dead Pripyat.

Photographer Takes Ethereal Self-Portraits

Photographer-takes-ethereal-self-portraits-inside-abandoned-buildings3__880 Photographer-takes-ethereal-self-portraits-inside-abandoned-buildings__880 I-take-ethereal-portraits-inside-abandoned-buildings1__880 I-take-ethereal-portraits-inside-abandoned-buildings__880Interacting with forgotten spaces she finds on daily adventures, young Canadian photographer Natalie Michelle is often considered reminiscent of the late Francesca Woodman.

I Depict The Evolution Of Humans In Abstract

Circle15__605 Circle8__605 Circle2__605 Circle1__605 Circle__605 1Circle2__605My series of drawings, the Z Factor, is the first installment in a series of three books/installations. It metaphorically depicts a permanent development of the human race, (caused by the invention of a new chromosome) that is irreversible. It fully explains how and why we are evolving into a non-destructible and gender obliterated society, as the circle in the first picture, whose flow is so natural, yet is influenced by unnatural processes of ethnic cleansing and the acceleration of gentrification.

400 Dogs And A Big-Hearted Man

serbiaforg__605 kuca__605 dogs__605An incredible and touching story about Sasha, a man from Nis- Serbia, who takes care of more than 400 dogs with no support from the local community or the government.

The city of Nis has issued an order stating that the dogs must be moved from the shelter within 15 days (19th of December) or they will be collected and taken away by the dog catchers.
These dogs have done nothing wrong. Most have suffered terribly in the hands of men and have found their sanctuary.
The campaign aiming at saving Sasha’s dogs is going viral and people are uploading photos of themselves with their pets with a hashtag #savesashasdogs
It is impressive and touching to see people from all around the world united in saving their lives.