Padma Pare Kisukhon

?????????????? ?????????????? ??????????????Padma is one of the largest river in Bangladesh. It’s very beautiful and heart of Bangladesh and on the hand large source of Hilsa Fish.

Collection Of Ink Portraits2

Untitled-15__880 1128__880 430__880 340__880 268__880Ink drawing with digital painting.

Beautify Your Xmas With Our Design Gift Ideas

s1__880 m2__880 5612-6836-love01__880 5468-image-11__880 1796-ro-03-s18_-600x600__880 1422-rw0006__880Christmas is just around the corner, don’t you feel it yet? If not, holiday decorations that you see everywhere can’t be wrong – Holidays are coming!

If you didn’t have time, you forgot or simply can’t think of any good gift ideas – don’t worry. For people just like you (we all know that every human being on Earth do the shopping in the last possible moment, don’t lie) we prepared something very special. Beware of our list of 12 awesome Xmas gifts!
If you ask ‘Hey, what’s so special about gift ideas, there’s thousands of them out there on the Internet’ we simply reply ‘Because none of them is build around one very simple, yet very powerful idea: independent design’.
We are fed up with clichéd socks, boring bags of sweets etc. We are passionate about design, not that in massive production, but manufactured by hand in workshops of the most capable, young designers. See our list and your Christmas will never be the same – spice up ordinary Holidays with extraordinary design.

American Pride And Passion – The Photography

STEAMTRAINWHEELSsmall__605 photographer-eric-curry__605 ericCurryFireTruck__605 eric_curry_coach__605 620__605Eric Curry (born 1956) is an American photographer based in Los Angeles specializing in stock and industrial photography

729 Cannonballs For The Wall Design

1318__880 1131__880 817__880 623__880 523__880 349__880I’m Alexey Steshak – an artist and designer. I come up with a project and complete it with my own hands.

I’d love to share the pictures of how I made this cannonball wall from plaster. It was made for a pirate restaurant in Altai Republic, Russia.
I live in a small town and I don’t have high technology to implement all my ideas. That is why I have to invent creative solutions.
First of all I used a foam polystyrene to make cannonball form. The cannonballs are made of plaster.
I made the cannonballs look old as if they were lying in the sea for a long time. And then I painted and oxidized the wall to make a real rust.
I made 729 cannonballs for the wall with my own hands. It was really hard. It took me 3 weeks to complete the project. I love the result.

Emoji Cats Design

Who-doesnt-love-emoji-cats-19__880 Who-doesnt-love-emoji-cats-18__880 Who-doesnt-love-emoji-cats-15__880 Who-doesnt-love-emoji-cats-2__880 Who-doesnt-love-emoji-cats-__880I have recently started an Instagram account that I wanted to share with you all. It’s been a lot of fun designing these icons and I don’t have plans on stopping anytime soon!
Each design is based off the same cat silhouette and a user request. I create each one in about 5 minutes while keeping pop culture and trending topics in mind.
If you have a request for my next Cat Emoji you can request it from instagram

Weiners And Fish Scales At Rudie’s Seafood

Weiners-and-Fish-Scales-at-Rudies-Seafood-and-Sausage-in-East-Nashville-by-sick-fisher15__880 Weiners-and-Fish-Scales-at-Rudies-Seafood-and-Sausage-in-East-Nashville-by-sick-fisher14__880 Weiners-and-Fish-Scales-at-Rudies-Seafood-and-Sausage-in-East-Nashville-by-sick-fisher13__880 Weiners-and-Fish-Scales-at-Rudies-Seafood-and-Sausage-in-East-Nashville-by-sick-fisher12__880 Weiners-and-Fish-Scales-at-Rudies-Seafood-and-Sausage-in-East-Nashville-by-sick-fisher10__880Newly opened Rudie’s Seafood and Sausage in East Nashville recently hired me to ‘re-imagine’ their blank bathrooms. I had joked with them earlier about the men’s room being made of sausages and the women’s being made of seafood but they must have thought I was serious because that is what they wanted.

Black And White Doodling Is The New Interest

Put-those-doodles-on-photos-and-let-them-lead-where-they-may3__605 Put-those-doodles-on-photos-and-let-them-lead-where-they-may2__605 Put-those-doodles-on-photos-and-let-them-lead-where-they-may1__605 Black-And-White-Doodling-Is-The-New-Interest-By-Shorouk-Rida__605 1911620_558527877587303_176946621779668532_n-11__605As a self-taught doodler I know that there is no limit when it comes to art so I put these black and white doodles on photos and let them lead where they may

Images Of North Texas

Images-of-North-Texas3__880 Images-of-North-Texas1__880 Images-of-North-Texas__880 DSCN0723__880 DSCN0710__880Photos from around North Texas


Solidarity6__880 Solidarity3__880 Solidarity2__880 Solidarity1__880 Solidarity__880Handmade Leaf Cut by:
Omid Asadi & Elham