Fairy Tales Within Macro Photography

Fairy-Tales-Within-Macro-Photography-by-Vadim-Trunov__880 Fairy-Tales-Within-Macro-Photography-by-Vadim-Trunov1__880 Fairy-Tales-Within-Macro-Photography-by-Vadim-Trunov3__880 Fairy-Tales-Within-Macro-Photography-by-Vadim-Trunov4__880 Fairy-Tales-Within-Macro-Photography-by-Vadim-Trunov9__880Thanks to the advanced optical technologies which allow us to explore otherwise unreachable majesty of the world through a lens. However, thanks to talented artists who manage to capture and remind us about the beauty of it.

One of those artists, Vadim Trunov, doesn’t look far – most of his macro photos are taken just on his doorstep in Voronezh, Russia. Masterpiece photography by Trunov provides a new perspective to our surroundings by portraying the uniqueness, diversity and vitality of the micro nature.
In his pictures, vibrant creatures in their colourful environment expose supremely picturesque lands and create fairy-tale atmospheres. Surprisingly, some of them replicate common human life situations. Can you relate to any of these characters?
For more beauty please visit Vadim Trunov’s portfolio. I’m sure your eyes deserve it!

Artwork For The Deluxe Harry Potter

Artwork-for-the-deluxe-Harry-Potter-book-edition__605 Artwork-for-the-deluxe-Harry-Potter-book-edition2__605 Artwork-for-the-deluxe-Harry-Potter-book-edition3__605 Artwork-for-the-deluxe-Harry-Potter-book-edition4__605 Artwork-for-the-deluxe-Harry-Potter-book-edition5__605“I’m not going home, not really”

J.K Rowling herself told that the School of witchcrafts and wizardry could be reached by hand, because “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”
On Oct. 6, 2015. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone in the U.K.) will be re-released with entirely new artwork. So it is time to readjust your bookshelves.
Publishers of all Harry Potter books, Scholastic and Bloomsbury, already released completely fresh images from their newest edition of the first witchcraft and wizardry adventures.
Jim Kay, award-winning British artist is creating the artwork for 110 illustrated pages in this new hardcover version of the Harry Potter series’ first book.
Here is the first glimpse at Kay’s result, a man who thinks that: “The story is everything, and so I want to bring what I can to really show the depth of Rowling’s stories, to their best.”
And “all was well”

Family Resemblance Photo Project

Family-Resemblance-Photo-Project8__880 Family-Resemblance-Photo-Project9__880 Family-Resemblance-Photo-Project10__880 Family-Resemblance-Photo-Project12__880 Family-Resemblance-Photo-Project13__880In November 2014, filmmaker/photographer Angela Park (http://wammtu.com/portfolio/the-love-remains-narrative), graphic designer Tara Nitz (https://www.behance.net/taranitz), costume designer/makeup artist Kathryn Wilson (http://kwcostumes.com), and hairdresser Tammy Rupe (http://tammyfxmakeup.com) came together to help me recreate some photos of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and cousins. The pictures highlight family resemblance, showing that many different family members’ features can be found in one person’s face. It also illustrates how many people it takes to create one person.

Puppies Are Dicks: Adopt An Older Dog (Book)

Puppies-Are-Dicks-Adopt-an-Older-Dog-Book__700 Puppies-Are-Dicks-Adopt-an-Older-Dog-Book1__700 Puppies-Are-Dicks-Adopt-an-Older-Dog-Book3__700 Puppies-Are-Dicks-Adopt-an-Older-Dog-Book5__700PUPPIES ARE DICKS ™ is fun way to teach people about the importance of adopting Older Dogs.

Amazing Photo-Shopped Animal Hybrids

2-Animal-Hybrid-Photo-Manipuation-Pineapple-and-Owl-Baby-Pineapple-Owl1__880 10-Amazing-Photo-shopped-Animal-Hybrids__880 10-Amazing-Photo-shopped-Animal-Hybrids1__880 10-Amazing-Photo-shopped-Animal-Hybrids2__880 10-Amazing-Photo-shopped-Animal-Hybrids8__880We all wish that we could have the ultimate animal hybrid as a pet, but sadly that cannot happen. Instead we can pretend they do. So in till someone finds a pineapple-owl please enjoy these picture of 10 Amazing Photo-shopped Animal Hybrids.

PS. Comment on each picture what you would name these animal hybrids.

The Mystic Reality Of Vadim Trunov

The-Mystic-Reality-of-Vadim-Trunov-__880 The-Mystic-Reality-of-Vadim-Trunov-1__880 The-Mystic-Reality-of-Vadim-Trunov-3__880 The-Mystic-Reality-of-Vadim-Trunov-4__880 The-Mystic-Reality-of-Vadim-Trunov-7__880Russian photograper Vadim Trunov sees literally more than meets the eye. During the last 200 years since photography has been officially discovered, we went from camera obscura to Instagram. It seems there’s nothing left that can amaze or at least surprise us, but Vadim’s macro shots are much more than just nature photography. They are true pieces of art.

For Vadim, who had won prestigious awards and been published in ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘Telegraph’ by the time he was 28, photography is bigger than just daily square snaps. ‘To me, photography is art’, says young man. He shares his point of view on everything that surrounds him. But it’s only when you see them, that you understand Vadim’s photos are so magical it’s hard to believe they are real.
One man’s routine is Vadim’s beauty of nature. He doesn’t only discovers the hidden, he sees the personality of each of his characters – whether it’s a snail or a tree.
Take a look at his works and be sure next time you leave the apartment you’ll see more than just a spider over your door.

My 2015 Calendar Of Beards

beard-calendar-1 panda11__880 panda21__880 panda31__880 panda61__880I recently published a 2015 calendar called A Beard for all Seasons. Each month is represented by a different holiday in a beard.

Remember The Twelve Beards Of Christmas? Well Christmas have come and gone too quickly, so I’ve decided to keep the Beard spirit all year long. We’re already half way through MANUARY!

Celebrate the year of the beard!

11 Years Of Friendship Between A Lion And The Human

tame-pet-lion-zion-frikkie-von-solms-1 tame-pet-lion-zion-frikkie-von-solms-2 tame-pet-lion-zion-frikkie-von-solms-3 tame-pet-lion-zion-frikkie-von-solms-7 tame-pet-lion-zion-frikkie-von-solms-9It goes without saying that you should be careful around lions and other wild animals, but that doesn’t mean that they are un-feeling, cold-blooded killers. Frikkie Von Solms, a 69-year-old lion caretaker in Southern Africa, knows this perfectly well: he has spent the last 11 raising Zion, a gentle, tender and loving African lion.
Zion was born in captivity to a lioness named Simba but had to be separated due to fears that his father would kill him. Growing up with Von Solms, Zion has turned into a little softie – when Von Solms goes for a walk with him, he takes his shoes off because their noise bothers the big cat.
“It was a once in a lifetime experience to grow up with him and learn and live with him through all of the stages of being a lion,” Von Solms told the Daily Mail. “People talk about lions like they are just lions but they have personalities, they have humour and laugh. Zion is a gentle giant. He has never attacked humans and I trust him completely.”

Photographer Freezes Dancer In Time

dance-performance-powdered-milk-campaign-jeffrey-vanhoutte-2 dance-performance-powdered-milk-campaign-jeffrey-vanhoutte-3 dance-performance-powdered-milk-campaign-jeffrey-vanhoutte-4 dance-performance-powdered-milk-campaign-jeffrey-vanhoutte-5 dance-performance-powdered-milk-campaign-jeffrey-vanhoutte-6Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte, together with creative agency Norvell Jefferson, has created a photo series and video that beautifully capture a dancer’s elegant movements with expressive bursts of white powder.
The whole photo/video shoot was organized as an advertisement for Campina Friesland Kievit, a Dutch company that makes coffee creamer. The results, however, are art nonetheless. The team used high-speed cameras to capture slow-motion footage and photos of each cloud of powder left behind by the dancer’s expressive movements.
Vanhoutte has a lot more visually striking work, so be sure to visit his website to see some other great projects!

Dog Rescued From Streets Beats Cancer

happy-dog-photography-gluta-thailand-10 happy-dog-photography-gluta-thailand-13 happy-dog-photography-gluta-thailand-14 happy-dog-photography-gluta-thailand-15 happy-dog-photography-gluta-thailand-19This is Gluta, whose owner likes to call her the happiest dog in the world. Given her history, we think the name fits as she was rescued from the street and beat cancer to get to where she is today.
Gluta’s owner found her as a stray while living in a dormitory in Thailand. Dogs weren’t allowed, but he snuck her in anyway and fed her because of her friendliness and tidiness. When she fell ill in her battle with uteral cancer, both she and her owner stuck through it and she beat the illness.
Now, she’s a beautiful, clever and, most importantly, well-loved dog who loves to pose for adorable and silly photos. Her happiness is infectious and, given what she’s lived through, heartfelt and real!