Rate These Clash Of Clans Bases

image1217__880 image1215__880 image1212__880 image1211__880 image1210__880Rate which base was your favorite. Add on if you would like.

I Took Those Using Water Droplets, Glitter And An Old Cd.

dscf9636__880 dscf1447__880 dscf1406__880 dscf1402__880 dscf1387__880Catching the light on shiny objects it’s quite popular, but I tried catching the light and the colors of the CD while making the droplets look like some kind of jewellery.


CHES16__880 CHES14__880 CHES6__880 CHES4__880 CHES1__880I’m an artist who fell in love with the digital media- which became my main artistic way of expression. (:

These are my digi-prints, which i create using a digital pad and a pen.
“Moonwalker” Digi-art-prints.

The Border Line….

2015_03_20_0071__880 2015_03_20_0065__880 2015_03_20_0056__880 2015_03_20_0039__880 2015_03_20_0035__880I walk every working day between two countries… Holland and Germany…
It is a small road….. No police or check points… Borders are away in Europe…. Borders are in our mind…

Now Your Flowers Can Have Their Very Own Rain Clouds

fun-watering-system-rain-pot-jeong-seungbin-9 fun-watering-system-rain-pot-jeong-seungbin-8 fun-watering-system-rain-pot-jeong-seungbin-7 fun-watering-system-rain-pot-jeong-seungbin-6 fun-watering-system-rain-pot-jeong-seungbin-3Korean designer Jeong Seungbin from the DailyLife Lab came up with a brilliant little treat for the plants – the Rainy Pot. This wall-hung appliance has a cute cloud-shaped water filter that turns water into small rain drops.
The cloud can hold around 80ml of water and the little pot can be unplugged and drained. It is evenly distributed to the plant without overloading the pot, so the plant gets just the right amount of water.
The Rainy pot is simple to use and is a fun way to water your plants. It is available on Amazon.

Owner Draws Funny Facial Expressions For His Cat

cat-paper-facial-expressions-montage-6 cat-paper-facial-expressions-montage-5 cat-paper-facial-expressions-montage-4 cat-paper-facial-expressions-montageHave you ever been so bored that you made fun of your cat? Of course you have. This cat owner used his imagination to create amusing facial expressions for his incredibly patient cat. The purrfessional artist uses paper, markers and their fluffy pet to brighten their day.
Although the human’s pet looks unimpressed, these funny drawn grimaces tell another story. Check them out and get more inspiration from our previous posts of cats with funny anime eyes and cute hedgehog faces. With a little effort you can transform your kitty into a Cheshire Cat!

I Give New Life To Old Books

New-Life-for-Discarded-Books__880 IMG_9141__880 il_fullxfull.673911811_l9gl__880 il_fullxfull.673793810_mly2__880 il_fullxfull.644108523_dsei__880 il_fullxfull.643994854_skhn__880Back in 2012, while cutting through a familiar alley in Seattle, I noticed a box of hardback novels sat beside a dumpster. I took one look at them and thought, “Why are these being thrown away? I can use them for something”.

Three years later, here I am. I have experimented with a countless amount of novels found in alleys and thrift stores. I have spent sleepless nights curled over my desk with glue up to my elbows, fingers cut from my clumsiness with an art knife (and clumsiness in general), and all of it fueled by my love for bringing something discarded back to life.
I pour my enthusiasm for nature and fairy-tales into every page I work with, in hopes of creating just a little bit of magic. I am a quiet lady, but my imagination is wild and noisy, and these books full of words allow me to speak the images that weave through my mind, daily.

My New Artworks In Woven Metal

Still-life-held-detail-3-email__880 Still-life-Held1__880 Held-Trees__880 Held-finished__880 Held-anenome-1-email__880“Held” is a collection of new works inspired by the desire to capture transient moments of beauty in nature and hold them in time.

Created in hand cut woven metal: stainless steel, copper and brass I form and color the metal. A single pin holds the beauty and constant movement of nature in works of quiet stillness. This new collection of work can be viewed at the Northcote Gallery, 253 Kings Road, London, opening on 31st March.

Kawaii, My Love!

REH__880 KAWAII-my-love4__880 KAWAII-my-love3__880 KAWAII-my-love2__880 KAWAII-my-love__880My name is Aniela and I love Kawaii and crafting. So I combined both and now I make kawaii everything from polymer clay, resin and whatever else comes in handy. All of this I do in Germany.

Japanese Cat Island

aww_cat_island__880 aoshima-cat-island-japan__880 140303-cat-island-mn-0950_28b020c4b6a94fff5dc3789c901a274c__880Welcome to Aoshima, the Japanese Cat Island that boasts 120 cats.