Happy Moments By Katia Goa

bubbles_small__605 elephants__605 Happy-moments-by-Katia-Goa1__605 Happy-moments-by-Katia-Goa3__605 Happy-moments-by-Katia-Goa4__605 Happy-moments-by-Katia-Goa__605Katia Goa: She is a Russian-born artist based in San Francisco. Her surreal images are full of color, cats, happiness, sadness, elephants, angels and mermaids. The artist’s vision is a fairytale reflection of everyday life.

How To Turn A Coconut Into A Jewel

130__700 DSC6738__700 DSC7207__700 DSC7321__700 DSC7639__700 take4__700Artist uses coconut, corks, suede to create lamps that dominates the room. Handcrafted lamps look like shinny jewels and light patterns makes you want to stare at a wall like you would stare at clouds or stars.

Incredibly Cute Meals Inspired By Japanese

japanese-food-art-26__605 japanese-food-art-92__605 japanese-food-art-112__605 japanese-food-art-122__605 japanese-food-art-153__605 japanese-food-art-222__605Japanese chefs and designers are the undisputed masters of the cute food industry, but their brilliant work has inspired chefs around the world to create beautiful and adorable meals like these that are hard not to play with before eating.
We can all pretend that these are just good ways to get kids to eat, but we all know that we would all melt with joy if presented with a bento lunchbox full of panda-shaped rice balls or a bowl of rabbit-shaped buns.
Have you ever made or eaten a cute meal? If so, share a picture with us below!

Rare Photos Of Audrey Hepburn

historic-photography-rare-audrey-hepburn-1b historic-photography-rare-audrey-hepburn-2 historic-photography-rare-audrey-hepburn-3 historic-photography-rare-audrey-hepburn-4 historic-photography-rare-audrey-hepburn-5 historic-photography-rare-audrey-hepburn-12Legendary British-Belgian actress Audrey Hepburn’s face is unforgettable, and most of us, even if we’re not historic film buffs, have probably seen it in one place or another. These images, however, owing to their relative rarity, might just help you see her in a new, though no less glamorous, light.
With larger-than-life actors and actresses like Hepburn, we can sometimes forget that they’re people just like us (except that they have mountains of cash). These charming and candid photos plant Hepburn’s feet firmly on the ground – she’s a lovely and joyful woman who also happens to be one of the most famous and recognizable actresses in the history of Hollywood.

Arizona Mother Of 10 Takes Magical Portraits

Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles1__880 Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles2__880 Arizona-Mother-of-10-Takes-Magical-Portraits-of-Children-Outdoors-That-Will-Leave-You-Breathles__880 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-14 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-16 children-outdoors-portraits-lisa-holloway-17When Lisa Holloway is not busy tending to her super-sized family of 12, she creates magical, fine art portraits of children, including 10 of her own. Using the golden light and majestic landscapes of rural Northwestern Arizona as her backdrop, she paints soul-seeking, ethereal images with her camera.

Lisa first became interested in photography as a means to better document the lives of her own children. An artistic person by nature, photography was a natural extension of a lifelong passion. Her work is inspired by her family, the beauty, colors, and textures in the natural world around her, and the glorious natural light that is so abundant in Arizona. Lisa’s work has received multiple awards and has been published worldwide, both online and in print.

19-Year-Old Artist Spent Her Summer Drawing

chinese-zodiac-animals-drawing-casterlyrock-savannah-burgess-1 chinese-zodiac-animals-drawing-casterlyrock-savannah-burgess-2 chinese-zodiac-animals-drawing-casterlyrock-savannah-burgess-3 chinese-zodiac-animals-drawing-casterlyrock-savannah-burgess-4 chinese-zodiac-animals-drawing-casterlyrock-savannah-burgess-5 chinese-zodiac-animals-drawing-casterlyrock-savannah-burgess-6While we were spending our summer drenched in pools of our own sweat, 19-year-old Atlanta-based Artist Savannah Burgess was hard at work creating a masterpiece. She spent a good chunk of her summer creating an epic drawing of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
The best part is, Burgess uploaded images following her progress as she worked on this 30” x 44” (76cm x 1.1m) drawing. Each picture highlights a different animal in the composition, which comes together into one epic art pieces.
Burgess is selling both digital prints and limited-edition full-sized prints of her drawing, so if you want to support this young artist, check out her Etsy!

Artist Draws Terrifying Monsters

creepy-monsters-sticky-notes-drawings-don-kenn-1 creepy-monsters-sticky-notes-drawings-don-kenn-2 creepy-monsters-sticky-notes-drawings-don-kenn-3 creepy-monsters-sticky-notes-drawings-don-kenn-4 creepy-monsters-sticky-notes-drawings-don-kenn-5 creepy-monsters-sticky-notes-drawings-don-kenn-13Danish artist John Kenn Mortensen (who goes by Don Kenn on Tumblr and other sites) taps into the terror of our childhood nightmares with brilliant and terrifying monster drawings that he does on sticky notes.
The round and fuzzy forms of Mortensen’s illustrations make them seem like they could come from an innocuous children’s book, but the characters in his pictures are undeniably dark and terrifying.

Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear

bear-photography-4 bear-photography-13 bear-photography-14 bear-photography-17 bear-photography-200 bear-photography-2012Momma bears are a fairly devoted bunch, and because bears are so incredibly cute, the moments they enjoy in the spring when raising their young cubs can be truly precious. That’s why we collected this list of 20 photos of adorable bear parenting moments.
During their hibernation, momma bears of various species lose as much as half of their body weight while their nursing cubs grow rapidly off of their milk. Some momma bears go so far as to consume their cubs’ waste – to keep the den clean and to recycle their lost nutrients. Once the bears end their hibernations, it’s time for the cubs to learn by example. Their mothers show them how to survive and the cubs do their best to keep up. After all, in 2-3 years, their mother will begin chasing them off to begin their own independent lives.

Historic Glass-Plate Photos

recolored-photos-dancing-with-costica-jane-long-1 recolored-photos-dancing-with-costica-jane-long-3 recolored-photos-dancing-with-costica-jane-long-4 recolored-photos-dancing-with-costica-jane-long-5 recolored-photos-dancing-with-costica-jane-long-6 recolored-photos-dancing-with-costica-jane-long-8The recoloring of old black-and-white photos is an excellent way for modern audiences to re-visit, understand and associate with history. Jane Long, a photographer based in Australia, has taken a collection of old glass-plate images by Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte (or Axinte, depending on who you ask) and updating them by adding color and a bit of Photoshop magic.
Acsinte, who died in 1984, was a Romanian war photographer during WWI who also took photos professionally and personally after the war. In 2013, what was left of his damaged vintage glass-plate photos was digitized by the Costica Acsinte Archive to preserve it, and it is this collection that Long drew on to create her wonderful photo series.
For more retouched old photographs, check out our posts here and here.

This Teddy-Bear Toast Stamp

japanese-teddy-bear-toast-stamp-1 japanese-teddy-bear-toast-stamp-2 japanese-teddy-bear-toast-stamp-3 japanese-teddy-bear-toast-stamp-4 japanese-teddy-bear-toast-stamp-5 japanese-teddy-bear-toast-stamp-6Everyone knows Japan as a global leader in the robotics and technology market, but there’s another market they seem to have cornered as well – cute food. This teddy-bear toast stamp will make your toast cuter than it has ever looked (has your toast ever even looked cute!?).
The discovery of this adorable toast stamp comes on the heel of Maa Tamagosan’s too-cute-to-eat teddy cookies. Japanese food seems to be getting cuter by the day.