Hidden 19th Century Fore-Edge Paintings

19th-century-hidden-fore-edge-book-paintings-1 19th-century-hidden-fore-edge-book-paintings-2 19th-century-hidden-fore-edge-book-paintings-3 19th-century-hidden-fore-edge-book-paintings-4While most of us know that some of the greatest treasures can be found in books, turns out that sometimes they also appear on the fore-edges of the pages. Recently Colleen Theisen shared a gif she made, showing an amazing example of fore-edge painting on the side of the book from 1873. The painting was found on the edge of Robert Mudie’s book Autumn at the Special Collections & University Archives at the University of Iowa. Fore-edge painting dates back to 1650’s, and is a technique when a picture is drawn on the edge of the book pages. Sometimes the image can be seen when the book is closed, sometimes the pages have to be slightly fanned out.

Artist Uses Old Watch Parts

steampunk-watch-part-sculptures-sue-beatrice-1 steampunk-watch-part-sculptures-sue-beatrice-2 steampunk-watch-part-sculptures-sue-beatrice-3 steampunk-watch-part-sculptures-sue-beatrice-4 steampunk-watch-part-sculptures-sue-beatrice-5 steampunk-watch-part-sculptures-sue-beatrice-10Even if you’re not a die-hard steampunk fan, you’ll still be able to appreciate the incredibly fine and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into Susan Beatrice’s miniature steampunk artwork. Beatrice recycles or “upcycles” old watch parts, turning them into fantastical artistic creations that are brimming with industrial-era Victorian mythos.

Daughter And Her Mother Create Stylish Line

4-year-old-girl-paper-dresses-2sisters-angie-mayhem-1 4-year-old-girl-paper-dresses-2sisters-angie-mayhem-6 4-year-old-girl-paper-dresses-2sisters-angie-mayhem-19 4-year-old-girl-paper-dresses-2sisters-angie-mayhem-41 4-year-old-girl-paper-dresses-2sisters-angie-mayhem-43 4-year-old-girl-paper-dresses-2sisters-angie-mayhem-44Angie and her 4-year-old daughter, whom she only refers to as Mayhem, have found an awesome way to bond by creating creative paper dresses together and posting them on their blog – Fashion by Mayhem.

Father Of Six Takes Magical Pictures Of His Kids

la-famille-children-family-photography-alain-laboile-5 la-famille-children-family-photography-alain-laboile-8 la-famille-children-family-photography-alain-laboile-12 la-famille-children-family-photography-alain-laboile-13 la-famille-children-family-photography-alain-laboile-26 la-famille-children-family-photography-alain-laboile-29Photographer and father of six Alain Laboile’s beautiful photos of his family and kids cannot help but conjure up fond memories of your own childhood.
His eye for beautiful and vital compositions, along with his choice to shoot in black and white, give his photographs a timeless feel and make them seem as though they could have been a part of anyone’s childhood – as if they’re childhood or family universals.
Laboile describes his family’s life as “atypical,” and he might be right in a way – I know I never had a baby deer nibble at my toes when I was growing up. And more and more Western families these days find themselves living in urban settings, unlike the rural area his children explore in his photos. But the wonder in his images is beautiful and palpable.

Photographer Challenges Female Beauty

natural-beauty-armpit-model-photos-ben-hopper-1 natural-beauty-armpit-model-photos-ben-hopper-3 natural-beauty-armpit-model-photos-ben-hopper-4 natural-beauty-armpit-model-photos-ben-hopper-6 natural-beauty-armpit-model-photos-ben-hopper-10 natural-beauty-armpit-model-photos-ben-hopper-11Western society is full of double standards when it comes to men, women and their gender roles. London-based photographer Ben Hopper, however, has taken a small step towards dealing with some of these problems by creating a simple and elegant photo series that turns our ideas of feminine body hair and beauty upside down.
For this photo series, which is fittingly called “Natural Beauty,” Hopper asked models and actresses to grow out their body hair and challenge the idea that hairy women are in any way unattractive or unhygienic.

The Most Ironic Moments Ever

irony-funny-pictures-1 irony-funny-pictures-15 irony-funny-pictures-18 irony-funny-pictures-23 irony-funny-pictures-32 irony-funny-pictures-36Ironic incidents are lurking all around us, waiting to be captured on camera. We gathered these 35 images to show you some of most ironic situations that we can find in our everyday lives.

Alienation: Upside-Down Portraits

upside-down-portraits-alienation-anelia-loubser-15 upside-down-portraits-alienation-anelia-loubser-21 upside-down-portraits-alienation-anelia-loubser-31 upside-down-portraits-alienation-anelia-loubser-41 upside-down-portraits-alienation-anelia-loubser-51 upside-down-portraits-alienation-anelia-loubser-61This latest photo series by Anelia Loubser, a photographer in Cape Town, reminds us that even the simplest change in perspective can change how things look drastically. By selectively cropping and flipping the dark portraits in her “Alienation” series, Loubser makes basic human portraits look like creepy alien close-ups.
“‘Alienation’ is a collection of portraits that challenges the viewer by using creative tactics based on the concept, ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer,” Loubser explains. To see more of her work, as well as the “before” photos she took for this series, visit her Behance profile.

Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom-design-ideas-2-11 bathroom-design-ideas-2-21 bathroom-design-ideas-3-11 bathroom-design-ideas-11 bathroom-design-ideas-16 bathroom-design-ideas-18We all pay so much attention to keeping the rest of our home beautiful, but when it comes to the bathroom, a pretty shower mat or curtain seems to be enough for most of us. But these 14 beautiful bath design ideas we found might inspire to change things up in your bathroom as well!
For most of us (especially those of us who are not religious), the bathroom is the closest we will get to having an everyday ritual space. We use it to purify and beautify ourselves and to perform other health-related rituals. So doesn’t it deserve the same sort of attention as a church, temple or shrine?
If you know of any cool ideas we might have missed, share them with us below!

Meet The OMG Cat

Heres-the-OMG-cat-the-feline-with-one-expression-for-everything3__880 OMG-cat-1__880 omg-cat-funny-1 omg-cat-funny-3 omg-cat-funny-4 omg-cat-funny-6Check out these pictures of Banye, the wide-eyed British Shorthair kitty with a tuft of dark fur below his mouth that makes him look like he is forever exclaiming, “OMG!”.

Benye’s fame skyrocketed after his owner posted pictures of him on Duitang, a Chinese social media site. Apart from his pedigreed background, we know very little about the adorably perpetually stunned cat… except that he was born on June 14 2003. Actually, this makes him a Gemini, and makes us wonder if his alter ego really is the other celebrity cat of the moment – the always-angry Garfi in Turkey.

Famous Paintings Updated With 21st-Century

famous-masterpieces-updated-with-21st-century-gadgets-kim-dong-kyu-1 famous-masterpieces-updated-with-21st-century-gadgets-kim-dong-kyu-2 famous-masterpieces-updated-with-21st-century-gadgets-kim-dong-kyu-3 famous-masterpieces-updated-with-21st-century-gadgets-kim-dong-kyu-4 famous-masterpieces-updated-with-21st-century-gadgets-kim-dong-kyu-6 famous-masterpieces-updated-with-21st-century-gadgets-kim-dong-kyu-7Swiping, scrolling, instagrammin’, catching a regular selfie… It all seems so familiar these days. But what if we had this technology decades ago? That’s exactly what the “Art x Smart” project, by Korean illustrator Kim Dong-Kyu, explores. By injecting 21st century gadgets into famous historical artworks, he takes us to a utopian reality where ancient and modern times meet.